Advancing Rural Prosperity.

Rural Manitoba Economic Development Corporation

The Rural Manitoba Economic Development Corporation (RMED) is a new organization created to improve, support and increase success for economic development in Manitoba.

RMED will strive to support Manitoba communities, economic development offices, and businesses by:


  • Collaborating with communities to grow capacity for economic growth.
  • Collecting, tracking, managing and sharing data and information on rural Manitoba.
  • Navigating government regulations, legislation and initiatives that impact businesses, communities, municipalities and the Manitoba economy.
  • Being a champion for rural Manitoba, promoting what it has to offer and success stories.


We help rural Manitoba put its best foot forward when it comes to attracting investment and tackling economic development issues.


We help economic development offices, entrepreneurs and rural communities with support, strategies and planning.


We help rural communities connect and collaborate like never before on projects and issues surrounding economic development.


We provide the necessary tools and supports that rural communities need for growth and expansion.


We are a trusted source for information on rural Manitoba communities and the economy.

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