About us.

Manitoba’s Economic Future Relies on Commerce.

To help existing businesses grow, and to attract new ones, we need to convey the value that lies within our rural communities. That’s where RMED comes in.

But first, we’ll back up a little bit. In 2019, a survey of rural-based company owners and operators exposed gaps in the economic development support network. To address these gaps (alongside the Manitoba government’s Economic Growth Action Plan of 2018), the Rural Manitoba Economic Development Corporation was formed in 2020.

RMED meets the need for rural economic support, information, and connection by supporting Manitoba communities, economic development offices, and businesses by:

Focusing on partnership, capacity-building, communication, and promotion.

Offering help navigating government programs and keeping rural municipalities updated on new regulations and legislation that’ll impact local economies.

Collecting, managing, and distributing economic development data to support rural municipalities, communities, and rural-based companies of all sizes.

Providing information, opportunities, and assistance in reducing barriers to economic development by acting as a rural partner for agencies supporting,encouraging and enabling trade, tourism innovation and tourism throughout Manitoba.

    Based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. 

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