Our Team

Margot Cathcart



Margot Cathcart grew up in rural Manitoba, graduated from Brandon University and after living in Japan and in Winnipeg, returned to Brandon with her husband to raise their two sons.  Describing herself as a “builder”, she has been involved on the ground up in product, business, and industry development.

Her private sector experience spans television, news media, information management, technology, agriculture, food, and financial services.  Over, the course of her career she has held numerous private sector management roles.

Most recently she has held senior management positions with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development developing provincial wide economic development programming and re-engineering operations to enhance knowledge management and operational efficiencies.


Erin Gonzalez

Executive Assistant


Michael Asante

Research and Policy Analyst


Chris Tataryn

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


    Based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. 

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