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Explore Immigration’s Role in Rural Economic Development

Watch our ‘Pathways & Perspectives on Rural Immigration’ webinar replay to see how rural immigration fosters economic development. Experts and economic development officers from rural Manitoba share strategies, challenges, and success stories. Learn about the critical impact of immigration on revitalizing rural areas, and receive practical advice tailored for policymakers and community stakeholders. Discover how you can contribute to your community’s prosperity through rural immigration.

Unlock the Potential of Your Community with RMED Toolkits!

Join industry experts and content creators of the RMED Toolkits, Ruth Mealy, Greg Dandewich, and Mark Baxter, as they unveil the Community Economic Development Toolkits. These comprehensive resources are designed to empower economic development officers, community leaders, and enthusiasts, serving as your gateway to fostering significant community economic growth.

Cultivating Careers Webinar

Discover insights into career development in rural Manitoba with this webinar recording featuring Rhonda Taylor, a renowned expert in career planning and development. ‘Cultivating Careers: Aligning Rural Manitoba’s Potential with Industry Trends’ provides a deep dive into the unique opportunities and challenges of the rural Manitoba job market. 

Investment Readiness Webinar | RMED Connection Zone | Western Region

In this comprehensive webinar recording, we delve into the critical concept of ‘Investment Readiness’ and its importance for community growth. The session, tailored for a diverse group of stakeholders—including economic development staff, municipal and Indigenous community personnel, elected officials, Chamber of Commerce members, and Community Development Corporation representatives—offers a deeper understanding of preparing communities for investment opportunities. Viewers will learn from real-world economic success stories and gain insights into RMED’s specialized toolkits that support development professionals.


Thriving and Creative Indigenous Businesses, Moderated by Noah Wilson

This inspirational session moderated by Noah Wilson, speak with Meg Poirier, Lacey Marshall, and Skylar Sanderson.

You will learn about the milestones encountered on their journeys, the incorporation and promotion of their indigenous heritage within their businesses, and how overcoming significant and unique challenges have attributed to their successes.

Community Engagement 101, with Lindsay Dandeneau

This session highlights how Community Engagement 101 Community engagement is a two-way conversation between government and community. Community members have a say in decisions that impact them, and government organizations can make better-informed decisions. During this interactive online seminar, you will learn how community engagement can help build trust between government and community and lead to better outcomes for communities.

Welcome Back with Margot Cathcart

This session explores how RMED is breaking barriers to unlock Manitoba’s RURAL potential! CEO, Margot Cathcart shares highlights and future initiatives, including our upcoming Connection Zones, toolkits, and Data Services – Powered by LocalIntel.


Webinar: RMED’s New Market Intelligence Tool : Data Services – Powered by Localintel

This session explores the crucial role data plays in empowering communities and driving informed decision-making.

RMED identified the priority and need for community profiles, and we are please to announce the launch of our new market intelligence tool, Data Services – powered by Local Intel. 

These profiles offer valuable insights for market research, community development, and targeted outreach. Vital for investment attraction and future planning.                                       

Webinar: Business Succession, with Darrell Goertzen

This session will highlight the unique space Venture Connect occupies within the business buy and sell marketplace, supporting rural based buyers and sellers in successful transitions. Darrell Goertzen will walk through the process of planning for a successful sale, share expertise and resources currently available to support rural business succession.

Webinar: Developing Alongside Manitoba’s Highways, with Karen Toews 

This session will provide useful insight and tools to local infrastructure planning. The Manitoba Transportation & Infrastructure Department Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for the development of transportation policy and legislation, and for the management of the province’s vast infrastructure network. To meet these responsibilities, the department delivers a wide range of programs and services that play a critical role in sustaining the contributions of the transportation sector to Manitoba’s economic growth.

Unlock Rural Prosperity with Our Exclusive Toolkits!

Explore the Rural Manitoba Economic Development Toolkits for tailored insights into business growth, investment attraction, strategic planning, and community marketing. Designed for community leaders, entrepreneurs, and economic development professionals, these resources pave the way for sustainable development and prosperity in rural Manitoba. 

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