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Welcome to Rural Manitoba Economic Development Corporation (RMED)’s comprehensive Economic Profiles page, your go-to source for in-depth insights into the economic landscapes of Manitoba’s diverse regions. Originally overseen by Manitoba Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources, the responsibility for these reports has now transitioned to the capable team at RMED.

RMED is committed to continuing the tradition of providing invaluable tools for shaping strategic economic development initiatives and assessing the attractiveness of specific areas for investment opportunities.

Covering Manitoba’s ten economic regions, these reports will provide a wealth of data and analysis encompassing demographics, employment statistics, and business trends. Whether you are a policymaker, investor, or simply curious about Manitoba’s economic prospects, the reports offer a foundational understanding of Manitoba’s economic strength.

The regions are further broken down into census subdivisions (CSD) also known as municipalities. For detailed information about each municipality visit If you require an updated copy of your self-contained labour area (SLA) report as previously published, kindly reach out to Michael Asante at and they will be made available for a fee.

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Rural Manitoba

Explore the vibrant employment scene in Rural Manitoba, where sales and service occupations shine at 22.8%. Uncover intriguing insights about the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting sector’s 16,151 businesses in 2022. 

Southwest Region

Employment in the region was dynamic between 2017 and 2022. It witnessed impressive growth in healthcare, retail, agriculture, and early childhood education, while sectors like transportation and hospitality stand resilient. Review the full report for a deeper understanding.

Southeast Region

The Southeast’s job market is diverse. However, healthcare and social assistance reign supreme, making up 14% of total jobs. Retail trade and construction each hold 10%. Click to explore further insights.

Winnipeg Metro Region

Uncover the heart of Winnipeg Metro’s job market, led by the robust healthcare and social assistance sector at 14%. Key sectors like retail trade, manufacturing, education, and public administration follow closely at 8%. Click on the report for more valuable insights.

Capital Region

The region witnessed remarkable income growth from 2015 to 2020, as did the province overall. The Capital Region’s average income increased to $130,825, while Manitoba’s rose from $85,373 to $97,300. Explore the full report for a detailed breakdown.

Interlake Region

Journey through the Interlake’s employment landscape, with healthcare and social assistance leading at 19%. Discover how other sectors contribute and gain deeper insights by exploring the full report.

North Central Region

Uncover the shifts in North Central’s employment trends from 2017 to 2022. Explore the decline in some roles and the growth in others, reflecting changes in the education, healthcare, retail, and transportation sectors. Click for a comprehensive analysis.

North Region

Discover the vibrant job market in the North, where public administration and healthcare take the lead with 19% and 18% shares. Educational services, retail trade, and resource-related sectors also contribute significantly. Learn more in the full report.

Parkland Region

Step into Parkland’s employment data from 2017 to 2022, revealing significant growth in the education and healthcare sectors. Explore the changing landscape of retail, food service, transportation, and agriculture. Don’t miss out on the full report.

South Central Region

Explore the diverse employment landscape in South Central, where advanced manufacturing holds 23% of total jobs. Dive deeper into local health services, retail trade, educational services, and agriculture sectors. Browse through the full report for a comprehensive analysis.

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